Find My Child – Kids Location Tracker App

Find My Child: GPS phone tracker. Listen to the sounds around.Live location tracking & geofencing for kid

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Check your child’s real-time location

  • If they fail to return home on time, ensure their safety.
  • No longer worry about their whereabouts.

Listen to what is happening around your child

  • If they don’t answer the phone, remain calm.
  • Prevent bullying or bad company.

Ring the loud bell

  • Silence the child’s mobile phone and send a signal to contact the child immediately
  • If your phone is lost, find it immediately and send a sound

Manage your child’s app usage

  • Know the Screen Usage
  • to check unsafe and age-restricted apps

Geofence Notification

  • Receive messages as soon as your child leaves home
  • Notify your child immediately when he leaves school

3 simple steps to be sure your children are safe


Install the FindMyChild app on your smartphone.

FindMyChild Kids


Install the FMC Kids app on your kid’s phone.


Stay connected and protect your children 24 hours a day

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